Beyond the Books: September 22, 2016

Welcome to this week’s  installment of…..


This meme is hosted by Beyond the Books.

She posts a prompt/question every week (mostly non-book related), and it gives an opportunity to blog.

The signs you are getting older

I hate getting older.  Really, I hate getting older.  I am in my early 30s now and there are a few times I am feeling older.  I thought I’d list them here for you – however, I now you guys have some more instances of feeling older, too.  Be sure to chime in the comments and share!

  • One of the biggest things is that I actually feel like an adult.  My sister-in-law and I had this conversation last month.  Life finally feels like I thought it would feel.  My days and weeks are filled with “adulting” – laundry, dishes, grocery shopping.  Adulting.  Yuck.
  • I get really cranky at all the random loudness outside at night.  When it was the 4th of July, I got really cranky when the neighborhood kids were shooting fireworks off after the cut-off time.  I wanted to go out on the porch, shake my fist, and say You whipper-snappers need to get inside!   Yup, old.
  • I realized that when teenagers or children are talking about something really old, it is usually something that happened in my “recent memory”.  Kids don’t know anything about the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, or the joy of prizes in the cereal, or even about events that make up our childhood (see the OJ Simpson trial).  These are things I remember, yet for them, they are ancient history.

Well, that’s just a few.  I could  go on and on – but that is something that “old people” do.  What signs do you see that mean you are getting older?



Beyond the Books: September 15, 2016

Welcome back to my response to this week’s


This meme is hosted by Beyond the Books.

She posts a prompt/question every week (mostly non-book related), and it gives an opportunity to blog.

Your celebrity crush

I really am not a huge “celebrity crush” person.  There are no actors I think are “dreamy” or “handsome” or “insertadjectivehere”.  Rather, there are actors (and actresses) that I enjoy watching and I admire.  I think I’ll list them instead!

  • Viola Davis:  I mean, have you not seen the TV show How to Get Away With Murder?  Viola plays an amazingly strong and complicated woman. Her portrayal of Annalise is one of outer strength, inner turmoil, and all around awesomeness.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch the first two seasons and get ready for season 3!
  • Emily Deschanel:  Gotta go to my other strong, smart, wonderful leading lady – BONES herself.  Emily’s Temperance Brennen has grown from a strictly logical (and sometimes socially clueless) anthropologist to half of a husband-wife-friends crime-fighting super squad.  It has been amazing to watch 10 years of these actors growing, finding their characters, and making them question themselves.  We get a final 1/2 season (shortened 11th season).  If you haven’t seen Bones, (1) where have you been for the last decade? and (2) watch it!
  • Maggie Smith:  I have always loved Mother Superior from the Sister Act films.  Then I saw this amazing woman play Wendy in Hook.  Then I discovered she was Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter films.  At this point, I am over the moon about her comedic timing and ability to play the straight (wo)man as well as the witty one.  Finally, I discovered that she was the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.  She made that show!  A-MAZE-ING!  I also saw a few scenes of her in Othello as a younger woman.  I can’t rave enough about this awesome actress!  Watch something, anything, that she is in.  You will not be disappointed!
  • Jennifer Lawrence:  My final celebrity fave is Jennifer Lawrence, aka Katniss Everdeen.  I fell in love with the Hunger Games books, and the movies have not disappointed.  Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress who makes me believe that she is Katniss.  Her growth and poise throughout the four film series is amazing.  Also, who can forget her Oscar’s trip?  Gotta love a funny, smart, hilarious woman!

Well, that’s it from my  celebrity land here!  As you can see, I love to watch strong female characters being played by strong, amazing women.  Who are your faves?  Got something I should watch?  Let me know!

Beyond the Books: September 8, 2016

Hi Friends!
So it appears that I am not very good about getting back into the blogging routine.  If you follow me on Twitter or know me in real life, you will know that I have binged nearly 6 seasons of Pretty Little Liars on top of reading and homework.  Also, the new school year started and I am substituting this fall, so that takes away some days.
Basically, I stick at blogging…..but I’m going to get better…I promise!  In the spirit of improvement here is this week’s Beyond the Books!

This meme is hosted by Beyond the Books.

She posts a prompt/question every week (mostly non-book related), and it gives an opportunity to blog.

List 25 random facts about yourself.

This gem of a prompt is actually from July.  However, I didn’t really like this week’s prompt, so I’m pulling up an older one for fun.

25 Random Facts About ME!

  1. I don’t like to share my middle name because my brother used to tease me (and sing a song that is sort of like my name).  Don’t ask.
  2. I’ve worn glasses since first grade and do not know what it is like to wake up and be able to see without glasses.
  3. I took Latin in high school because the teacher reminded me of my grandma.
  4. My dad was in the Army when I was younger.  He retired when I was 9.
  5. My parents have had the same phone number since 1992.
  6. My hair is super fine.  I have to use child hair barrettes to keep them in my hair.  Even then…not cute.
  7. My feet are extremely small.  I wear a size 5-ish.
  8. I bought light up shoes from the kids department my freshman year of college.
  9. I still miss those light up shoes.
  10. I can cross my toes without using my hands.  Both big toe over middle toe and big toe under middle toe.
  11. Toe is a funny word if you say it a bunch…. toe toe toe toe
  12. I can have two or three lines of thought/”conversations” going on in my head at once.
  13. I have never been to Washington State, Oregon, or Idaho.
  14. The best adult vacations I’ve ever taken were a cruise on our honeymoon, a trip to Rome with uncle-in-law and aunt-in-law, and going to Disneyland.
  15. I am planning another trip to Disneyland to celebrate my upcoming graduation next summer.
  16. I make songs out of everything.  This includes a “brushing my teeth” song that I sing every time I brush.
  17. I would have gone into forensic anthropology if I wasn’t so grossed out by blood.
  18. Likewise, I would have become an archaeologist if I could tolerate bugs, heat, and semi-camping.
  19. We do not have live TV at home.  The only options are streaming services or Dish and we do not want to pay the money for TV we won’t watch.
  20. I still use the TI-83 I got as a high school freshman for math classes.  That was almost 20 years ago!
  21. I started high school in 1997.  (Dang….I feel old!)
  22. I sing loudly in my car.  If you see me driving, you will see a silent concert as I jam to my tunes.
  23. I love small town life except for the short (3-5 minute) commute.  Not enough time for #22.
  24. I routinely get mad that clothes don’t last for 6 or more years.  My favorite shirts keep getting holes and I have to remind myself that they are from 2009 and shirts get holes.
  25. I love pens but I am particular about which pens I buy and use.

Well, that’s what I have folks!  I’m still working on reading a good novel.  I’m still marathon watching PLL.  I am still getting homework done.  I will be back for a Monday post! 😀

Beyond the Books: August 25, 2016

So I said in my last post that I wanted to get back into blogging.  Today I hunted down a few memes.  I thought I’d try this meme hosted by Beyond the Books.



She posts a prompt/question every week (mostly non-book related), and it gives an opportunity to blog.  So, here we go…..!

If you could have any elective cosmetic surgery, would you? What would you do?

I’m not a huge fan of cosmetic surgery.  It seems that any elective surgeries would have more risks than benefits.

If I were going to have an elective surgery, it would most likely be to correct something that a previous surgery caused.

So, if I needed a mastectomy, I might get reconstruction.  Or, if I needed stomach surgery that caused me to lose my belly button (don’t laugh, it happens), I might see if I could get a new belly button.

Otherwise, no cosmetic surgeries for me.

So, what do you think?  Answer today’s question?  Talk about my answer? Have another meme I should try?  Let’s talk below….