IMWAYR – May 30, 2016


It is the last Monday in May!  Yikes – where has the year gone?

This past week I did more traveling back and forth to college.  This meant more audio book time.  I am really enjoying Inkheart as an audio book.  In fact, I am not sure that I will ever decide to watch the movie.  I just cannot picture Brenden Fraser as Mo.  I hope to finish up the audio book sometime in the next couple of weeks!

I finished reading Fallout by Ellen Hopkins.  I really liked how the story is told through the eyes of Kristina’s eldest three children.  I made a lot of connections between the choices they were making and the choices their mother made.  However, I think that the most interesting part is the afterward written by the real “Kristina”.  Ellen Hopkins has made no secret that the story is modeled after the struggles her daughter faced when fighting the Monster.  The afterward explores “Kristina’s” thoughts about the books, her struggle with the Monster, and the choices she has made.  I LOVED that part most!!

Finally, thanks to a long weekend, I completed a #bookaday yesterday.

Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers follows Regina Afton in the weeks following a crazy high school party.  At the party, her “BFF” Anna is passed out drunk.  Anna’s boyfriend Donnie rapes Regina.  Frightened and disoriented, Regina finds herself at “friend” Kara’s house immediately following the attack.  That his where things go upside down and sideways for Regina.

Instead of being supported and embraced by her friends, Regina finds herself frozen out of the friend circle, dumped by her boyfriend, and bullied on a daily basis.  All because Kara told Anna that Regina slept with Donnie.  The novel follows Regina in her attempts to deal with losing her friend group, boyfriend, popularity, and reputation.  Regina starts a very uncertain friendship with an outcast named Michael – but is he all she wants or needs him to be?  How will she survive the rest of her senior year?

This book was intense, but it was great!  I definitely recommend you read it.

So, what did you read this week?

What are you reading today?

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