IMWAYR – May 2, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week I spent a lot of time writing papers for school.  This coming week is finals week.

Coming up this week:  finish grading and getting things set at work, taking finals, and generally prepping for taking Block!

I finished up reading Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison.  This fun, flipped tale follows Rapunzel as she heads down the tower after a strange man named Jack appears.  The red fairies are hatching a plot to save their leader Glyph.  However, Glyph’s recovery means death for Witch.

Rapunzel is only looking for a way to save her Witch.  Witch is all that she has ever known and loved.  As she journeys, meets new people, and learns more about Witch, Rapunzel starts to question her experience and life.

I absolutely loved Megan Morrison’s twists and her efforts to make all the characters come alive.  Tyme is an interesting fairy tale world where the lives of many of our favorite characters come together.  Their stories weave together and create an amazingly interesting world.

I can’t wait until October when the next Tyme novel (about Cinderella) is published!

So, what are you reading?


What are you reading today?

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