IMWAYR – May 30, 2016


It is the last Monday in May!  Yikes – where has the year gone?

This past week I did more traveling back and forth to college.  This meant more audio book time.  I am really enjoying Inkheart as an audio book.  In fact, I am not sure that I will ever decide to watch the movie.  I just cannot picture Brenden Fraser as Mo.  I hope to finish up the audio book sometime in the next couple of weeks!

I finished reading Fallout by Ellen Hopkins.  I really liked how the story is told through the eyes of Kristina’s eldest three children.  I made a lot of connections between the choices they were making and the choices their mother made.  However, I think that the most interesting part is the afterward written by the real “Kristina”.  Ellen Hopkins has made no secret that the story is modeled after the struggles her daughter faced when fighting the Monster.  The afterward explores “Kristina’s” thoughts about the books, her struggle with the Monster, and the choices she has made.  I LOVED that part most!!

Finally, thanks to a long weekend, I completed a #bookaday yesterday.

Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers follows Regina Afton in the weeks following a crazy high school party.  At the party, her “BFF” Anna is passed out drunk.  Anna’s boyfriend Donnie rapes Regina.  Frightened and disoriented, Regina finds herself at “friend” Kara’s house immediately following the attack.  That his where things go upside down and sideways for Regina.

Instead of being supported and embraced by her friends, Regina finds herself frozen out of the friend circle, dumped by her boyfriend, and bullied on a daily basis.  All because Kara told Anna that Regina slept with Donnie.  The novel follows Regina in her attempts to deal with losing her friend group, boyfriend, popularity, and reputation.  Regina starts a very uncertain friendship with an outcast named Michael – but is he all she wants or needs him to be?  How will she survive the rest of her senior year?

This book was intense, but it was great!  I definitely recommend you read it.

So, what did you read this week?


IMWAYR – May 23, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicGreetings readers!

I am not even going to lie.  Not enough reading for fun is going on in my life.

Sure, we all have our excuses.  If you don’t want to read mine, scroll down to the next part and I’ll tell you my progress!

The Excuses (in no particular order)
  1. Taking Block is a lot more time intensive than I thought it would be.  Not only is there class M-F for three hours, but then there are homework assignments too.
  2. Online classes on top of in person classes is actually harder than I thought.
  3. I spent a lot of time getting things organized so I can graduate in a year.  That took longer than I expected.
  4. Driving 6 hours a week is exhausting.  Although, the audio book is going well.

All in all though, I am really enjoying Block.  I love my classmates and it is great to get to hang out together all week!

Now, the reading progress!

The audio book thing is going pretty well for me though.  I’m listening to Inkheart and am really enjoying it.  There are times during my drive when the reader kind of sounds monotone.  I do occasional crank on the tunes instead of the audio book, but I am really enjoying it!

I am also reading through the final book in the Crank series.  Fallout is just as good, if not better, than the previous two.  What is great about this installment is that the narrative POV changes between Bree/Kristina’s various children.  I had to renew it from the library, but I am really, really, really loving it!

Well, that’s it for now!  What have you been reading?

IMWAYR – May 16, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week was my first week of Block out in Chadron.  I had 6 hours of driving this week – 3 hours each way. One of my summer reading plan elements was to add some audio books into my repertoire.  I didn’t do any audio books this week, but I did listen to some amazing podcasts.

Reading With My Ears

On the way out I finished the second season of the Serial podcast.  If you haven’t listened to the podcasts, I highly recommend them. Season 1 was better than Season 2, but they both are good.  Check out their site here.

On the way back, I spent some time listening to the Book Love Foundation’s Podcast.  Penny Kittle and her collaborators shared stories of matching students with the perfect book.  They also talk about some really awesome books-including All American Boys, one of my faves this past semester!  Check out the Book Love Foundation’s podcast site here.

Now….on to the book!

This week I read a book that has been on my Kindle for a little while.  Deleted, by Ashley Cunningham, tells Elsie’s story.  Elsie, a high school junior who has been hiding her acceptance to NYU from her mom and hangs out with her best friend Miles, gets a threatening email.  This is followed by increasingly intense and threatening messages.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite book I have read.  There were some plot twists that were expected.  Other than a lackluster ending, I also struggled with the grammar and spelling errors that were present throughout the book.  It was hard for me to get past them.

Coming up this week….

I went to the library and checked out two different audio books.  I’ll try out Inkheart on audio book this week.  Hopefully, my drive will be a great time for me to finish reading this YA book that I got into this past semester.

I don’t know if Book a Day is going to be feasible, but I am still trying to get a lot of reading in.  Tune in next week to find out what I get through!

What did you read this week?  Got any audio book suggestions?

IMWAYR – May 8, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week has been filled with a lot of work so that I could wrap up things at my job.  Today I am off to Chadron to take part in Professional Sequence class.  I’m also starting my Book-a-Day challenge – so follow along on Goodreads or Twitter to see what books I get read!

I was lucky enough to have time to finish an amazing YA nonfiction work.  Terrible Typhoid Mary:  A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America, by Sarah Campbell Bartoletti, puts a very real and understanding spin on the story of Mary Mallon.

Mallon was a cook in the early 1900s in New York.  She was a well-respected cook who worked for well-off families.  However, she was unlucky enough to work with a series of families who were victims of the sometimes deadly typhoid disease.

The author dives deep into the motivations and events that led to Mary’s eventual imprisonment and quarantine.  Her engaging story makes Mary a sympathetic character and made me think about the motivations of those who wanted to study (and profit) from proving that Mary was a typhoid carrier.

I highly recommend this wonderful work for those interested in medical history.  The book reads like informative fiction – although everything is true!

I also devoured a book recommended by many of my YA Lit Class classmates.  Little Peach, by Peggy Kern, was an engaging and intense read.  Michelle, aka Little Peach, runs away from a really horrible situation (Grandpa dies, Mom is a drug addict, Mom’s boyfriend attempts to sexually assault her) to find a friend of hers in New York City.

Michelle doesn’t find her friend, but is instead taken in by a kid man named Devon.  However, Devon is actually a pimp.  Peach becomes one of his girls and experiences a life of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and fear before eventually telling her story.

Little Peach does an excellent job dealing with the delicate nature of human trafficking while still exploring the comfort, then danger, then fear of her main character.  This is an intense read, but an excellent one.  It would be a great conversation starter for an older teen or adults.

Well, what did you read this week? Have you read either of these awesome books?

IMWAYR – May 2, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week I spent a lot of time writing papers for school.  This coming week is finals week.

Coming up this week:  finish grading and getting things set at work, taking finals, and generally prepping for taking Block!

I finished up reading Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison.  This fun, flipped tale follows Rapunzel as she heads down the tower after a strange man named Jack appears.  The red fairies are hatching a plot to save their leader Glyph.  However, Glyph’s recovery means death for Witch.

Rapunzel is only looking for a way to save her Witch.  Witch is all that she has ever known and loved.  As she journeys, meets new people, and learns more about Witch, Rapunzel starts to question her experience and life.

I absolutely loved Megan Morrison’s twists and her efforts to make all the characters come alive.  Tyme is an interesting fairy tale world where the lives of many of our favorite characters come together.  Their stories weave together and create an amazingly interesting world.

I can’t wait until October when the next Tyme novel (about Cinderella) is published!

So, what are you reading?