Summer Fun!

It sure has warmed up today – it is currently sunny and 81 outside!  The days of warmth and late day sun are finally upon us.

I am a planner.  So the advent of summer also means that it is time to prepare my summer reading plan.  I have been putting this blog off all week because I have LOVED YA Lit class so much that I don’t want it to end.  This summer reading plan is one way I can continue the reading fun all summer long.

The Plan

The Idea:

This summer I am going to follow along with many readers out there and try to complete a book a day this summer.  The #bookaday challenge is one that is championed by Donalyn Miller – one of my fave authors of professional development books.

The When:

I am starting my #bookaday on May 9, 2016.  This is the first day of the May/Summer semester and the official end of YA Lit class (at least in my mind).  I will read a #bookaday until 100 days have passed – August 16, 2016.

The What:

My 100 books will consist of a variety of genres, intended audience ages, and formats.  I will, of course, keep reading my YA Lit Summer TBRTBR.  However, I am going to read widely in a variety of formats this summer.

I plan to read/listen to at least 5 audio books.  This is something I don’t normally do, but driving back and forth to NE each week will give me time to get to know this format well.

I am taking classes, so any textbook that I read at least 75% of for school will also count into these 100 books.  However, my math books will not count.

I am going to read at least 3 professional development books.  I’ve got an idea of where I want to go – Passionate Learners and The Book Whisperer are anxiously waiting to be devoured.

My other books will be from my ever growing TBR, old faves (been itching to re-read Wicked these last couple of days), and new finds from the library, browsing at the book store, or that Amazon (my friend/foe) suggests.  I’ll also try to pick up whatever you recommend to me too!

The How:

So, how am I going to keep myself accountable?  First, I am going to continue to blog right here!  I’ll post my weekly It’s Monday! post and share my week’s reading with you.  I hope that you readers will continue the conversation and make recommendations based on my weekly reads.

Secondly, I am going to continue to tweet my reading.  I’ll bug you on Twitter with the #yalitclass and #bookaday hashtags.  Follow me there to get more consistent updates on my reads.

Finally, I’ll continue keeping count on GoodReads.  I will shelve books, group them by genre, audience, etc., and post reviews and star ratings.

So that’s my plan friends.  I hope that you continue to journey through reading and writing  on this blog, Twitter, and GoodReads.  What are you reading now?  What is your summer reading plan?  Let’s chat….

6 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. Summer has arrived, and it is hard to believe. I will make sure I follow your blogs through the summer to see what you have been reading. I am also a planner. I like knowing what I am doing and when I am doing it. I am going to be making myself a little sheet also on books I want to read, and when I want to read them by.


  2. So glad you’re going to keep blogging and tweeting! I got overly ambitious with interlibrary loan and currently have six professional development books checked out that I’m dying to read–but they’re such slow reads for me! Can’t figure out how I’m going to read SIX in the next month before they’re all due! I checked out a big pile of YA from the campus library too and have about 10 days to get all of them read before they’re due back. I definitely do #bookaday too–though it’s picture books that help me get meet the challenge. I’d never manage if it weren’t for PBs! My son and I have been reading a lot too, and that helps boost my totals.


    1. I have really, really enjoyed using blogs and tweets to be more connected with the Kid Lit & YA Lit community. I think it really helps to ease the sense of isolation that can sometimes happen when I get all “book nerdy” in small town Wyoming! I think that has been the most important element in my growth as a literacy advocate over the last year.
      I have to remember to add in PBs as I go this summer. I am hoping that driving to and from Chadron during the first part of summer (about 6 hours a week of driving) will up my audio book time too.


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