IMWAYR – April 11, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week I read a couple of book club books.  I wish I had read more, but between work and my parents visiting, I only got through two books.

The first book was Scorpions, by Walter Dean Myers.  I did a reading response Padlet with my thoughts and links.  Check it out in the archives.

I have to say that the book was okay, but not my favorite.  I felt like the character of Jamal was a bit wishy-washy and one-dimensional.  I thought the adults in his life were kind of lame and didn’t have very high expectations of him.  Finally, it seemed like Jamal acted the way that the people he was with expected him to act.

I know that all these things are things that we all do in real life.  However, I was really feeling like the story was stuck in one place and never really moved forward.  I think that lots of people will love this book, but it just wasn’t for me.

Now, the second book I read was a completely different story for me!  Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, by Katie Alender follows Colette and her classmates as they travel to Paris. Then, some strange things start happening.  There is a string murders by beheading.  Colette sees a ghost and gets the eerie feeling she is in danger.

This is a great read.  Fast paced, full of action, and plot twists kept me engaged through the book.

That’s what I read this week.  What was in your read pile? Let’s talk below…


10 thoughts on “IMWAYR – April 11, 2016

    1. It is AMAZING! I picked it up at Book Fair last spring purely based on the “serial killer” part of the title. It was an amazing read and I definitely see why it was a “Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers”!


  1. The Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer book sounds very awesome!! Not something that I would probably just pick up on my own, but I might have to look into based on your recommendation. I haven’t read Scorpion, but I’ve heard from others that it wasn’t their favorite WDM book. Have you read a different one by him that you would recommend?


    1. I don’t want to give spoilers! The eerie paranormal part isn’t even an issue. The author does an amazing job in keeping the scary/super intense parts to a minimum.
      You should definitely read it!


    1. It was a great one! I had originally thought it would be more “ghosts” and “people being haunted”. However, I really loved it.
      It is a “quick pick for reluctant readers” and certainly this follows suit. Let me know what you think when you read it.


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