Snapshot Saturday: Picture This Reading Response

I finally finished reading Yellow Brick War, by Danielle Paige.  I wanted to sketch an important idea about the book and share it with you!


I decided to sketch a view of Oz and the Other Place (Kansas) because I feel that the thin shadowy line between the two worlds is going to be essential going forward in the series.

This sketch is what I envision Amy saw when she went with Lurline during the battle with Dorothy.  Lurline shows Amy how the two worlds are flip sides of the same coin.

In this novel we learned that the Nome King can travel between the worlds.  We know that Amy and Nox were able to pull Madison into Oz.  This permeable barrier is going to be essential in the final novel.

In the final novel (not out until 2017!!), I wonder how important this barrier will be.  How will Amy use this barrier to help save both worlds?  Is the Nome King, the only being who can easily travel between worlds, someone who should be trusted or is he the mastermind behind all of the events of this series?

Have you read the Dorothy Must Die series?  What do you think will happen next?  Let’s talk below…

9 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Picture This Reading Response

    1. I really love all things Oz. Danielle Paige has a new and inventive approach which is really fun. This is the 3rd novel and there are multiple short novellas/prequels. I highly recommend.


  1. The inversion of the environment seems intense. It’s radical to think that two worlds are actually the two variants of some idealize third (That’s my guess for what’s going on here.).


    1. That’s really interesting! It is like there is this fabric that separates the two worlds, but Amy does go through to another realm and has a chat with Lurline. Love your idea! Thanks!


      1. Truth be told, I suck with multiple universes in books. I’m seldom correct. Sorry about the 2017 wait, though.


  2. I love how the “line” is going to be going forward in the series and how you’re thinking ahead to it. I’ve never read the series, but it sounds very interesting! Isn’t waiting for the book to come out sometimes the hardest part? 🙂


    1. It IS! This just came out a few weeks ago, but I needed to read it. Thankfully, it was AMAZING!
      In this one we learn a lot about the barrier between Oz & Kansas – and how easily the Nome King can travel between the two worlds.
      I saw on Twitter that there will be a fourth installment just before I started reading it this week. I certainly can not wait. I’m also looking forward to Danielle Paige’s new take on Snow White coming out soon too.


    1. In this series, Amy Gumm is a Kansas teenager who gets swept to Oz in a tornado (a la The Wizard of Oz). When she gets there, she finds Dorothy has become the tyrant ruler of Oz. It is up to Amy and the Council of the Wicked (including the Wicked Witch of the East and others) to overthrow her. The first novel is called Dorothy Must Die and is amazing. There are 5 prequel novellas, 3 full length novels (Yellow Brick War is the third) and another full length novel to come.
      If you like alternate takes on “classic” stories and/or like books like The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs or Wicked, you will love this.


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