Reading Response: Yaqui Delgado

Such a crazy week, but I finally finished Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, by Meg Medina.  This book was really good.  What follows is my reading log.  I wrote about the book a little bit each time I read.

**The following Reading Log contains multiple spoilers.  Continue at your own risk!**

Date: February 27, 2016 Pages: 1-33
The language in this section seems important because the author has our main character (Piddy) and her family speak Spanish phrases and words. This really helps me to see how important her heritage and her family will be to the book.   Granted, I knew that a Pura Belpre winner would be focusing on a Latina main character, but the mixing of Spanish and English has thrown me off a bit so far. I am certainly using this book as a window. However, the unfamiliar words/phrases are disorienting for me so far.  
Date: February 28, 2016 34-56
The most important event in this section is the food fight. It seems like Piddy has upset Yaqui because she perceives her boyfriend liking Piddy.   The food fight/flying milk bottle is important because this is one of the first outwardly aggressive acts that Yaqui commits. It is also important that Yaqui continues to stare. She is not afraid of the adults at school and doesn’t fear consequences. Yaqui certainly wants Piddy to be threatened. I was surprised by the way the teacher reacted. I could not believe she acted like it was Piddy & friends’ fault they were milked!  
Date: February 29, 2016 57-88
I need to find out more about Piddy’s dad.   Is he really married? I feel like her dad has been this enigma in her life up to this point (almost 16). I need to learn about how Piddy’s mom and dad got together and the circumstances of their relationship. I also really need to know why he is so hidden from Piddy. Is her mother ashamed of her relationship with him?   Is he a bad guy? Why did they get together? This section brings up many questions about how other people see Piddy’s mom too. Why does no one talk about her dad? But, more importantly, why do they still speak badly about her mother because of the relationship?  
Date: March 1, 2016 89-116
I understand Darlene, Piddy’s friend, quite a bit from the passage on 94-95. Darlene calls Piddy to say that Yaqui was busted at school. She is quite the rule follower, just like I was (am?) in school. However, she bends the rules to tell Piddy that the coast is clear from Yaqui – at least from now. Darlene has become fast friends with Piddy – helping her navigate the world of DJ High School. I really like her intentions and the type of friendship she offers Piddy.  
Date: March 4, 2016 117-134
I need to know more about Clara and her relationship with Piddy’s dad. The whole scene at Piddy’s birthday dinner, and the drive home, really point to the hurt that Clara experienced because of her relationship with Piddy’s dad.   I couldn’t believe that Clara flat out asked Raul if he had ever been married! I also can’t believe that Lila didn’t just turn around and Clara to knock it off! Lila is the type of person who calls people on their garbage, but for some reason she doesn’t call Clara on this one.  
Date: March 5, 2016 135-152
I wonder about Mitzi. She has so quickly become friends with the girls at her new, richer school. She is doing sports she had never done before and becoming someone totally different than the girl Piddy was friends with. Why isn’t she calling Piddy back? Does she feel guilty that she has new friends and is leaving Piddy friendless?   I feel like I really don’t like Mitzi because she has just turned her back on Piddy like Piddy never was her best friend. Why wouldn’t she ask Piddy what is going on? This section just gave me more questions than answers!  
Date: March 5, 2016 153-180
This section is important because Yaqui and her friends have finally jumped Piddy. I can’t believe how badly they beat her. I feel like the fight isn’t as bad as the fact that Yaqui rips Piddy’s shirt off and takes off her bra. The worst part of it all is the video that Yaqui’s crew makes. Not only is Piddy being bullied at school verbally, physically, and emotionally, now she will be facing cyberbullying because of the access Yaqui and her friends have to technology.

I think this is a passage that many people could relate to. Many of us have been bullied in our lives. Some of us have been physically beaten. I would think that this situation would be familiar to some students.

Date: March 5, 2016 181-260
This final section of the book was amazing!   A lot of things fell together for Piddy and her situation. I understand more about Mitzi, Piddy’s best friend. Now that Mitzi and Piddy have had a chance to talk, I see that Mitzi is just trying to become adjusted at her new school just the way Piddy is adjusting to DJ.

I am amazed at Piddy’s decision to report the bullying/fight/video. This is a very brave decision. Piddy must feel both empowered and embarrassed. It was a great act of strength on Piddy’s part to confront Yaqui and report the bullying.

I was just as irate as Lila when the principal was claiming there were too many students to simply make sure everyone was safe. Lila is ready to take on the world to protect Piddy. I get Lila’s anger – every student should be safe at school.   Period.

I understand Clara a lot more after she shared about Augustin. The shame that Clara feels was displayed in her actions as Piddy’s mom.

I feel like many of the characters in this book at various times. At times I am like Piddy – angry, frustrated, and unable to control a situation. Other times, I am like Mitzi – trying to fit in somewhere new. Then, I am like Clara – struggling to atone for mistakes that are not always my fault. I’m like Darlene – I want to help my friends, but know I need to take care of myself. I’m like Lila – no nonsense and ready to right the wrongs of society.


What did you think?  Have you read about Yaqui?  Let’s talk below….

9 thoughts on “Reading Response: Yaqui Delgado

  1. I thought the book was great! The title definitely caught my attention at first, but the storyline kept me captivated the entire read. Glad you enjoyed it too! Comfort zone really is expanding.


  2. I haven’t read Delgado, but it sounds “realistically” violent. It’s the antithesis of the ideal school environment: a safe place. I like the idea of it for a book, so to the TBR


    1. I thought it would be more violent than it was. There was really only one chapter where the physical violence is explained. However, I found that the ever increasing fear she feels to be very realistic. I really think it is the fear of violence that is the strongest. Let me know what you think about it!


  3. I’ve been on the fence about adding this book to my TBR list, officially, I needed more info. Thanks for making my list even longer ;o)


      1. I used to be an aerobics instructor and making people stretch themselves and work harder than they thought possible gave me a sadistic sort of thrill….now I realize that is a trait of almost all teachers. “BWAHAHAHA! I made you work harder and more than you thought you could! I lengthened your TBR list, which you already feel will take the rest of your life to finish! *insert evil hands rubbing together*” ;oD Have a great week!


      2. I see how you are! I really enjoyed being stretched by Yaqui this week. Reading outside my comfort zone is getting a bit too comfortable though….

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