IMWAYR – February 29, 2016


It is LEAP DAY today!  I’m trying to think of it as an extra day that I can read amazing books.

This week I finished a dystopian novel for book club, an Oz novella, and started something for this week!

Book Club – Uglies

This week’s book club discussion was on Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  In this futuristic society, Tally is anxiously awaiting her 16th birthday.  This is the day that she will undergo a surgery to become Pretty.  All kids go through this in Tally’s society.  However, her new friend Shay would rather leave society and go live in a community called The Smoke.  There are no surgeries in The Smoke, everyone stays “ugly”. 

Tally decides to go ahead and have the surgery, but something happens.  She is taken to see people known as the Specials who force her to spy on and tell the location of The Smoke.  Tally must go to The Smoke, activate a transponder, and betray her friends.  What will she do?

I really enjoyed this book.  I most likely will read the rest of the series in the future.  It is one of those great books that ends with a twist and cliff-hanger.  I recommend it for all dystopian fans who want to reflect on beauty in our modern society.

The Novella – Ruler of Beasts

Ruler of Beasts, by Danielle Paige is the 6th Prequel Novella in the Dorothy Must Die series.  In this series, Glinda and Dorothy have teamed up to control Oz – wrestling control from Ozma and the Scarecrow!

This installment has the Lion (formerly Cowardly) heading to the Emerald City.  Glinda sent him to find a ruby necklace without Ozma knowing.  However, Lion and Ozma end up going on an adventure to save Oz from the Nome King.

This series is one of my favorite “flipped reality” stories.  If you like Oz, or characters painted in a different light, check out some of the Dorothy Must Die series!

The coming week…

My book club chose a book I had already read – Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  I read this book in the fall and it was amazing.  I didn’t want to bring the group down, so I’ll pull together some links and extensions about the book for our discussion.


I’ve started a Pura Belpre winner for my next read.  Coming up after that….I just don’t know.  So I need your help!

I currently have these books awaiting me at my house (either Kindle or print versions).  Where should I go next?


What did you read this week?  What should I read next?  Let’s talk below….


8 thoughts on “IMWAYR – February 29, 2016

  1. I loved Uglies too! I am planning to read the next three installments of the series this summer. You have some interesting titles in your post, and I am going to have to check some of them out!


    1. I liked it, but I have found so many other loves this semester. Tell me what you think of the rest of the series!


    1. Started Hollow City today. Was thinking of offering up Part Time Indian as a book club choice. I will look into a different one…


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