IMWAYR – February 22, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicI can’t believe it is Monday again!  Where does the time fly?  Especially when you are reading!

This week I finished up Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare.  Overall, this was a great book.  I did an extensive reading response to it here, so check it out.

I want to spend a minute reflecting on the book though.  There were some excellent things about the book – great characters, plot twists.  This is the first in a prequel trilogy to the Mortal Instruments series.  I had a student tell me this was her favorite book of all of them.  I’ve had a ton of friends recommend it to me too!

And I still struggled to get through it.  I’m not sure if it because at nearly 500 pages I didn’t feel like I was making progress.  When you are carrying around a doorstop book, part of the thrill comes from being near the end.  It’s a sense of accomplishment almost.

Yet, it could have been because the book was so dense with information.  And yet, not dense.  I found myself daydreaming during the parts where she describes setting or characters  I also felt like the plot didn’t move fast enough for me in the middle third of the book.  I was only too willing to put it aside and devour something else.

So friends, would I read it again?  Probably not.  Would I recommend it to others? Probably.  This book is PERFECT for those who love supernatural elements (vampires, warlocks), Victorian England, or epic good vs. evil tales.

How was your reading week?  What did you finish? What did you start? Let’s talk below…


4 thoughts on “IMWAYR – February 22, 2016

    1. I was talking to a S who recommended it today and she was SHOCKED that I thought it was too detailed.
      I did tell her that I will most likely read the next one….eventually…


  1. Sounds interesting. I might add it to my summer must read list. I’m not sure I could hang with it right now. I’m starting to feel slightly overwhelmed…. (Speech season will be over in about four weeks, and maybe I’ll feel better then.)


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