Snapshot of the Week – February 13, 2016

This week’s Snapshot Saturday is actually a video I created.

My local bookstore has a Blind Date with a Book display.  I visited and got two books.  Here is my unveiling!



What book are you reading?  What image sums up your reading week?  Let’s talk below…

8 thoughts on “Snapshot of the Week – February 13, 2016

  1. Those were two pretty awesome books for a blind date! I would love to unwrap a pair of books and have “The 5th Wave” and the Sherman Alexie book! And, I am glad your bookstore is doing a great promotion like that. Awesome!


    1. I did get quite lucky! The promotion also has a coupon too. I won $2 off my next purchase and 2 free used books!
      Small town bookstores are awesome!


  2. I have seen a way in which students create book reviews and connect a QR code to them. You then take those QR codes and tape them inside book covers. Students can use their devices to click on the code and see a book review before selecting the books. I loved this idea!


    1. That is awesome! This is the first time that I have seen this. The woman at the bookstore said they can’t keep blind date books on the shelves…it is really popular!


  3. Love this idea! Sometimes it is so difficult to select a book, either because of so many to choose from or lack of variety. This would be a great way to introduce readers to new options they would not have thought of in the first place. Also, great job on the video! It helped to explain the process well!


    1. I took a cue from some other bloggers and put together a movie. No music so it wasn’t too bad!
      I wonder if this is something to use in the classroom…


What are you reading today?

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