IMWAYR – January 11, 2016

ItsMondayGraphicThis week I have been super busy with work, but I managed to find time to finish up the latest Rick Riordan novel Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard:  The Sword of Summer.

I started to review this book a couple of weeks ago.  Weighing in at 499 pages, this book certainly took some time to read.  Yet, I didn’t want to just blaze through it.  Part of it was nice to spend a while reading the same book (nearly 17 days!).

My leisurely reading pace was also highly influenced by my knowledge of Riordan’s writing.  His books are so well researched, so filled with detail and imagery, and so good that I didn’t want to miss one detail.

Things that I loved about this book:

  • Greek myth/world of Percy tie-in:  Magnus meets up with his cousin at both the beginning and towards the end of the book.  This cousin is none other than Annabeth Chase – daughter of Athena, partner in quest to Percy Jackson.  I really, really hope Riordan follows this thread more in the next book.
  • Getting to know the world of Viking/Norse mythology:  Riordan’s Greek and Roman mythology was on point (at least the PG version of it).  I knew that the things I learned about Norse mythology would be the PG version of it.
  • Crazy plot twists:  Riordan is also a master of plot twists.  There are times when the twists make for a few double takes.  Yet, The Sword of Summer brings most of it back together.  There are also some clues to what will happen in the upcoming books.

There it is.  I’ve finished this amazing book and discovered that the next one comes out in the FALL of 2016!  This was my last week before my new semester starts, so who knows what the next weeks of reading will bring me.

What did you read this week?  Have you read any Rick Riordan books?  Let’s talk below…

What are you reading today?

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