It’s Monday! – December 21, 2015

ItsMondayGraphicThis past week was filled with end of the year parties, cleaning, grading, and a tiny bit of reading.  I didn’t read four hours, but I finished one amazing novella and began one of my Wishlist Wednesday books!

The One I Read

This week I finished another prequel novella in the Dorothy Must Die series.  The Straw King, by Danielle Paige, focuses on our friend the Scarecrow.  He is ousted from his throne ruling Oz by General Jinjur. 

Scare and his friend Lion head to the forest to regroup and attempt to reclaim the throne.  In pop Glinda, the hidden Princess Ozma, and a series of double crosses come together to create an amazing look into the characters of one of my favorite worlds.

Danielle Paige is an amazing author who paints another twist into the world of Oz.  Her characters are in-depth and complex.  If you have not read the many books and novellas in this series, you really need to read them.

The One I Am Still Reading

After AliceI’m about halfway through one of my Wishlist Wednesday selections.  After Alice, by Gregory Maguire, follows Ada as she heads to Wonderland and searches for Alice.  The chapters following Ada alternate with chapters following Lydia – Alice’s older sister.

There have been some great lines so far, but you’ll have to wait until later to get more details!

That is what I am working on reading this week.  How about you?  Let’s talk below….

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday! – December 21, 2015

    1. The Oz of the film is so very different! I know L. Frank Baum actually never wanted to write sequels, but his finances forced him to! Non-canonical (non-Baum) Oz is there, but I prefer the other versions. Gregory Maguire’s Wicked Years is my fave. Dorothy Must Die is great, but has a lot of PG-13 language. Not safe for younger kids for sure!


What are you reading today?

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