Harry Potter Thursday #12


Harry Potter Moment of the Week hosted by Uncorked Thoughts!  Check out the blog-hop and other cool stuff over there!

The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related!

Today’s Potter Question:  What is your favorite JKR moment?

I don’t know that I have one moment, but rather many moments that I love J.K. Rowling.  I am new to the Twitter-verse this semester, and she is the first author that I followed.  It has been worth it.

Ms. Rowling posts on everything from rugby…

to her favorite charities….

to exchanges with her fans….

So, if you do not currently follow J.K. Rowling on Twitter, I strongly urge you to follow her.  There is not a day that at least one of her tweets makes me laugh, smile, or think.

What is your favorite J.K. Rowling moment?  Have you checked out her Twitter feed?  Let’s talk below…


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Thursday #12

  1. I will admit that I am in no way an avid Twitter user. I probably should be, but it just never happens! However, I love, love, love JKR’s Tweets! They are such gems…and she is definitely and amazing, fun, and smart person, as evidenced by her tweets! Gotta love it!


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