Harry Potter Thursday #11


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The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related!

Today’s Potter Question:  If you could change one thing in Book 2, what would it be?

This is certainly a timely question given that I just finished Book 2 for my reading this past week!  If I could change one thing, it would have to be to focus the plot a bit more.  It was deceptively long.  Measuring in at 341 pages, there were a lot of plot tangents that we could have cut out.

In my edited world, it would include….

-No Death Day Party:  What did that do to further the plot?  We had a fun time making fun of Nearly Headless Nick.  Harry hears the “voice”.

-Aragog:  We didn’t need this chapter.  Harry and Ron go to the woods, encounter GIANT spiders (yuck!), and learn Hagrid didn’t open the Chamber of Secrets.  Already knew all of that!

-Quiddich:  I know this won’t be popular with many Potter fans, but the scenes with quiddich just seem superfluous.  Book or movie, I say it does not need that much time!

I’m sure I wrote this with a different perspective (let’s edit the book rather than changing things with the plot), but I want to know what you think.  Do we need quiddich, giant spiders, and ghost parties?  Or could we trim some of those pages out?  Let’s talk below!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Thursday #11

  1. That’s really interesting that you say that about Quiddich because I kind of agree, but also I know why it’s there. Harry Potter is our quarterback at Hogwarts! But you are right that it isn’t really needed.


    1. The extended Quidditch matches in the films just drive me bananas! I’m a football fan, so I see the purpose. Still….I’m more interested in the main Voldemort plot.


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