Wishlist Wednesday #10 – Magnus Chase

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Pen to Paper. This meme is where you showcase one book that is on your wishlist and that you can’t wait to get off your wishlist and into your hands.

Welcome to an awesome weekly meme:  Wishlist Wednesday!  This is a blog hop to share something that I am very excited to read…but haven’t read yet!

One of my favorite Kid Lit authors is Rick Riordan.  I stumbled upon Percy Jackson a few years ago.  I’ve devoured all of his books.

But now…he’s back with a new series.  And this one is based on Norse mythology!

I can not wait to get my hands on Magnus Chase, but I think I might wait until he finishes the series so I don’t have one more hurry up and wait series going!

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7 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #10 – Magnus Chase

  1. I never got into the Percy Jackson series. Would you recommend them to a girl who isn’t that much into the fantasy/mythical genre? There is nothing more excruciatingly painful than reading a series and having to wait months or sometimes even years for the next installment to be release! I feel for you! I really do.


    1. I loved Percy! It is essentially a heroic saga, but the mythology is there. They explain what you need to know for the purpose of plot though.


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