Challenge Check In

Can you believe it has been four weeks of Challenge Reading already?  I certainly can’t!  Since I have been working on my challenge the last few weeks, it is time that I….

What was my challenge?

My challenge was to read through a big chunk of Amazon’s 100 Best Children’s Books.  I knew I’d never read through all 100 books this semester, so I challenged myself to 1 picture book, 1 re-read (picture book or novel), and 1 new to me book.

How have I done?

So far I’m only 1 book behind in the challenge.  There was one week (weeks 2 and 3) that I did not finish both chapter books I had chosen.  I never added an additional book in though either.  I have been good about reading both new to me and re-read books.

Road Blocks

I’ve faced a few challenges.  The first is being realistic in what I can read in one week.  We are supposed to read for 4 hours each week.  However, I’d estimate I read 5-6 hours each week.  I wonder, is this too much?

I have found that the picture books are harder to come by in our small, Wyoming town.  However, I’m doing my best with library trips and borrowing from friends.The picture books are the ones I have to plan for the most since I am relying on others to get a copy of the book.


My re-read books have all been ones that I have not read in a long time.  This has been a pleasant surprise!  There are so many books I know I read at one point, but I don’t remember everything (see The Mouse and the Motorcycle for evidence of that!).

I’ve also been pleased at finding the upper-elementary chapter books I have read.  These books are shorter and filled with characters that I relate to.  I have really found that children’s literature has very well-defined characters and I LOVE it.

Reflecting on the Challenge

Since I’ve begun this challenge, I have been really happy.  This is a great challenge for me because it includes books from nearly all genres (I don’t think there are any non-fiction books on the list).  I also love that it is a mix of all types of literature from picture books to chapter books.  Another wonderful aspect is that many of the books are award winners – a sign to me that they will be amazing.  This challenge seems to be a good fit for me.

I don’t know that I will need to adjust my challenge for the latter part

of the semester.  I feel like I set a reasonable goal – 3 books a week, with one being a picture book – when I set out.  It has been difficult not pushing myself to read all 100 books.  But I am working to hold back.  Otherwise, what would I read at Christmas?

Check In Final Thoughts


  • I have picked an amazing challenge for me that covers many different genres and types of books.  The fact that I am mixing re-reads with new to me books has been fun.
  • It is hard not to push myself to read all 100 books.  I’m working at being realistic with my reading and leaving my future self something to read.

How has your challenge gone?  Which books on my challenge list do I need to be CERTAIN get read this semester?

Let’s talk below….

11 thoughts on “Challenge Check In

  1. I use a similar selection process for my upcoming reads! I love it because the majority of the books are highly awarded and prove to be great selections! It sounds like you’re doing a great job on fulfilling your challenges. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!


  2. That is awesome that you read so much and I honestly do not think that you can read too much. Luckily where I live I am close with the teachers at the schools and of course we have a library that is updated quite often. It is great that you are staying so determined to get as many books as you can. Sounds to me that you are reaching those goals and exceeding it!


  3. I completely understand the struggle of finding books back home! I’m from Wright, Wyoming so, we are very limited. I also scrounge other peoples’ collections when I am back home because of the restriction on books. Have you looked into finding these books online? I know there are a few that you can read as a PDF.


    1. I certainly use ebooks… A little too much! I found my books through an elibrary loan a few weeks ago. Small town life is challenging in the lack of resources at times!


  4. I feel the same way! I did all of my reading for this week on Monday as I will be out of town this weekend. As I try to do the remainder of my homework, I just want to keep reading children’s books! Good job sticking with your goal, even with the roadblocks! What has your favorite challenge related book that you’ve read been?


  5. Personally I don’t think we can every read too much! We just have to make sure that we make time for all our other activities which seems like you’re doing just fine with that. I wish I had time to read more I’d love to get in six hours of reading a week! Great post and Good luck with the rest of the semester and the reading challenge!


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