IMWAYR – Challenge Week 2

ItsMondayGraphicThis week I have been reading more books in my 100 Children’s Book Challenge.  Head over to the 100 Children’s Book tab for my full list!

I’m in the second week of my challenge and I’ve already failed myself!  Okay, failed maybe isn’t the right word….I didn’t make my goal though.

goodnight goodnight construction siteThis week I read a picture book called Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker.  This is a very cute book in the same typical style of Goodnight Moon.  The book describes what all the machines have done that day and shows how they go to sleep for rest.  The illustrations – especially the big machines all curled up with their blanket and stuffed animals – were gorgeous too!

This is a great book for kids (and adults) who like the big machines and construction equipment.

This week my first novel was actually a graphic novel.  Thanks to various KidLit Bloggers who are promoting graphic novel month, I decided that it was the week to take Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, off of my husband’s shelves.

Coraline is a young girl who discovers an “Other” world through a portal in her new house.  She thinks the Other Mother, and the Other world, are pretty good because she gets what she wants.  However, things go South for Miss Coraline.  She must escape the Other Mother’s clutches, her creepy button eyes, and the hand with long fingernails that is chasing her.

This is a good book for older readers.  The graphic novel version, illustrated by P. Craig Russell, is especially creepy.  I thought I would start October off with a creepy book and this one fit the bill!


My second novel this week is in process.  Life got away from me, and I really believe I scheduled too much reading…at least for this past week.  So, look for the Book That Took Two Weeks (aka my mystery read….) in next week’s #imwayr post!

What did you read this week?  Any ideas for my next week reading from my challenge list?  Let’s talk below…


15 thoughts on “IMWAYR – Challenge Week 2

  1. I have not read a graphic novel (at least, an entire one) yet…I struggle with falling in love with the “idea” of one, for some reason! Coraline definitely sounds creepy…I know that the movie definitely was! :S

    Can’t wait to see what your mystery read for next week is! 😉


    1. On my re-read list for this week is the graphic novel version of The Wizard of Oz. Graphic Novel It is amazing. I love the illustrations and how they set the tone for a whole piece. I certainly recommend them!


  2. I appreciate how you included an update on your novel even though it is in process. Frankly it’s nice to see that not everyone’s goals pan out from week-to-week, but the important part is to acknowledge our weaknesses and promise to make next week better rather than throwing a challenge or goal away. I always love the realness of your posts!


    1. Thank you! I feel like this blog is an extension of my reading personality. I want to write with my own “voice” while still being professional. I also really love to read and get very excited about sharing my reading love!


  3. Caroline sounds like the perfect book to read for October especially with Halloween right around the corner! I’ve seen parts of the movie Caroline and found it to be a little scary maybe if I read the book to see how it finished I wouldn’t freak myself out as much…however I did watch the movie when I was young and easily frightened. I’ll have to check it out! Good lucky finishing your second novel!


    1. I found the graphic novel version of Coraline to be even creepier than the film! Yes, Coraline is safe in the end…but the illustrations are creepy!


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