Harry Potter Thursday #4


Harry Potter Moment of the Week hosted by Uncorked Thoughts!  Check out the blog-hop and other cool stuff over there!

The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related!

Today’s Potter Question:  What books would you recommend to Harry?

Poor Harry.  His life is horrid while he lives with the Dursleys.  Then he finds out he is a famous wizard, but the evil Voldemort keeps trying to kill him!

So what would I tell Harry he should read?  There are two categories that I would share.

 Orphan books:  Okay, I know that sounds horrible, but if Harry had read these books as a child, maybe he would not have gripped onto the wizarding world so much…and maAreYouMyMotherybe would have made his Hogwarts years easier.

In this category, I would have him read Are You My Mother? to show him that sometimes you just have to ask if someone else is your mother.


I would also have him read The Ugly Duckling so that he could discover what it is like to grow up to be a beautiful swan!  I’d tell Harry to ignore the nay-sayers, and stay true to himself.


Adventure books:  Once Harry has gotten his Hogwarts letter, and once Voldemort tried to kill him his first year at Hogwarts, I would help Harry find books that would prepare him for many adventures.

The choose-your-own-adventurefirst one would be the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  What better way to get ready to battle Voldemort to the death than sitting down and choosing his own adventure.  I’m sure Harry, like all of us, would go back in the book to make a different choice because the one he just made killed him!

Unfortunate Events

I’d also have Harry read The Series of Unfortunate Events.  I know it sounds cruel, but hear me out.  If Harry is aware that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that sometimes some really unfortunate things happen, maybe he will look at his life with clearer eyes.  Who knows, he could get an ego boost when he realizes his life isn’t as bad as the kids in this book!

What would you have Harry read?  Let’s talk below!


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Thursday #4

      1. I was a latecomer to Potter. I didn’t start reading or watching until after the final movie was on DVD! I hope you enjoy it.


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