Tempus Fugit

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Time flies when you are having fun.

Time goes faster as you get older.

These adages are certainly true for me!  I have a busy schedule this fall with full-time teaching and a full load of classes.  How am I able to read all these Children’s Lit books?  The truth is…..I don’t know.

How much do I read?

We are supposed to read 4 hours per week for this course.  Four hours sounds like a long time, but I think that I have read more than that each week.  The big key to this is that I am enjoying what I am reading!  (Thanks Donalyn Miller!)  I have chosen books that I am drawn to for a variety of reasons – the cover, a funny title, beautiful illustrations.  When I enjoy what I am reading, I make the time to read.

When do I read?

I am an early  bird.  I have found that when I get up in those quiet hours, I get a lot done.  Those early morning hours are not filled with reading though.  Rather, I get some of my other tasks get done.  I then have time to read in the late afternoons.  This has been when I read the most – between coming home and dinner.

I also work to read during those “edge times” – 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. This is not the most productive for me.  I do better when I read in semi-long blocks of time.

Where do I read?

Mainly, I read at home.  I go to my stack of “To Be Read” books, choose one, then curl up on my couch to read.  My favorite reading buddy is my corgi.  She and I hang out while I enjoy the stories I am reading.

This week I have had a few of my books in ebook format.  This has allowed me to take my book in my pocket!  I can more easily read on my phone or tablet with an ebook.  However, I prefer to read a paper book – especially picture books – but technology has made carrying books much easier.

Final thoughts

Reflecting on my reading these last few weeks, I say that my habits reflect Donalyn Miller’s strategies for teaching reading.  Choice.  Comfort.  Fun.

I have choice in my reading material.  I have a warm and comfortable environment to read.  I have people to talk to about my reading.

Where do you read?  When do you read?  Do you prefer traditional books or ebooks?  Let’s talk about reading below!

12 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. You are so right–when you enjoy what you are reading, it makes such a huge difference! My problem tends to be that I don’t want to put a good book down–my “edge” time or reading before bed time becomes much longer and I end up burning the midnight oil!

    I also think I’d do a lot better if I could ban my smartphone–I spend too much time mindless surfing Facebook or Pinterest. I need to get off of it and spend that time doing more productive activities!


    1. I am finding that I want to read all these great books, but I am not able to physically read that much in my week! I had to change one of my books for this week because I do not physically have time to finish the 400+ page book I’m almost halfway through and the nearly 200 page book I wanted to read. 😦
      I guess that one will get put on my To Be Read pile for later.
      How do you pick which books you have time to read?


      1. Hmm–that’s a good question. I guess I should admit right now, that I have a bad habit of being a binge reader. So, if I find a book and start reading it, and it is really good, I have a really hard time putting it down! So, I will usually start reading it right after I put my kids to bed, around 7:30, and read until 10 or so…then I talk myself into going to bed. The large chunks of time mean that I get it read pretty quickly! But, that is hard to do when you have a lot of homework and other things to do…

        This week, I read a couple of books that were novels. However, they were still 4th or 5th grade level, so the chapters were relatively short and the print fairly large. It took about 2 hours to read one of them, so that wasn’t so bad. It was still a book that I found interesting and wanted to read, though!


      2. I think finding something that is interesting and I enjoy is key! The only week, so far, that I have struggled through some I did not enjoy was during Caldecott week. Reading 30 picture books was not hard, but there were certainly some that I did not enjoy!
        I look forward to seeing what you read in Monday’s post!


  2. I also struggle to read during edge times. I love the idea of it, but I prefer to get absorbed in my book and have a longer period of time to read. But I’m realizing that those long open blocks to read just might not happen this semester, so I need to turn off the social media (my preferred edge time activity!) and open the books!


    1. I feel like I need to unplug from social media sometimes, but I don’t live near many friends and family and FB is all I have!
      I do have to say that blogging (and posting for classes) seems very social and I would prefer to do that than read at times. Yikes!


  3. That is awesome that you enjoy reading as much as you do! I attempt to read on “edge time” as well. On occasion, I download the book via my iPhone, and anytime that I have available, I read. Whether it’s five minutes waiting in line at the store or thirty minutes where my book is not available, I seize the opportunity to turn the pages! Also I find that setting a goal is extremely beneficial. Before I begin to read , I set a goal of reading a certain amount of pages or reading until the next chapter. And, when I reach that goal, if I feel the need to keep going, I do! I like your comment about your reading buddy! I have two reading buddies, a German shepherd and a yorkie; both feel as though they need to be as close as physically possible to me during my reading time. Great post and keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks! Our reading buddies are amazing – although Daisy prefers if I read silently while I pet her belly!
      I honestly had never thought of opening my ebook while I’m in line at the store. That’s a new technique to put into my tool kit.
      My struggle is with the goal setting (at least right now). I have so much work, homework and reading for this class to do, my goals seem to be bigger than what is possible. What are some ways you set a SMART (reachable) goal?

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      1. I don’t pick anything too crazy because I’m not a “speed reader” by any means. I just attempt to read to the upcoming chapter before I commit my time elsewhere.


  4. You will have to post a picture of your reading buddy sometime for us to see! I usually read on the couch in my apartment, and I would really just like to read in my bed, but it’s a top bunk so I can’t sit up or I’d hit the ceiling! I usually read late at night when I have most of my homework done but hopefully I can read a bunch this weekend. I personally prefer reading on my phone because I have it with me everywhere and the screen is already lit up so I can read at night!


    1. I will find a good picture to post of her…there is one on my “About the Author” page too. I really enjoy having the convenience of a book in my pocket on a phone or eReader. I enjoy it too much sometimes! My husband will say, “You bought HOW many books on Kindle?”

      Do you miss having a “hard copy” to read?


      1. Sometimes I do, and I actually like to buy the physical version of comics I read online, but sometimes they’re not available in America. I do have a few that I imported that are in Japanese because I wanted the physical version anyways!


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