Welcome to the Kidlitosphere: Reading about reading

Today I find myself journeying to a new world. I am stepping gently into the unknown and hoping to find a light or a map for my journey. I look and see a world filled with giants and commoners, authorities and humorists, and with people of all ages. A world that allows anyone to share their thoughts on children’s and young adult literature. I turn and see a sign.KidlitospherePic

The Kidlitosphere is a community of people who are blogging and writing about reading. I have dipped a toe into this land and have learned a few things.

The authors, illustrators, and librarians who make up the Kidlitosphere blog about all things related to children’s literature. On some blogs you can find articles about the pedagogy of children’s literature. (An example of this is this post on about a program called Read it Forward.)

Some blogs include author or illustrator interviews. (A humorous example is this interview with two children’s book characters.)

Some blogs post book reviews, press releases, and previews of upcoming books. (Check out this beautiful review  of a non-fiction picture book for an amazing example.)

My Road Map

I am now traveling at top speed into this amazing new world. As I have surveyed many of the posts on, what I am sure is only a tiny portion of the Kitlitosphere, I have set some goals for what I hope to emulate on this blog.

  1. A catchy or funny title: A title is the first, and sometimes only, thing a possible reader with encounter. If I have a boring title (How to Blog), people are going to pass this post without stopping. So, my first goal is to have a funny or catching title to each post.
  2. A few images, but not too many: I find myself wanting to include images in my posts. I think it breaks up the writing and helps to give a reader’s eye a break. However, when I encounter a post that is mainly pictures, I do not want to stop and read the text. My second goal, therefore, is to have 1-2 images per content post.
  3. Reviews: Here is where I am going to ignore my second goal. I find that having an image of the cover, or of the book, when reading a review is helpful. I am able to connect the review to the actual book I might see in my library, book store, or eReader. My third goal is to always include an image of the book I am reviewing.
  4. Humor: I am, by nature, funny….at least to me! One thing that keeps me reading a blog is if the author is humorous and relatable. When a blog gives me a window into the author’s brain and helps me see a connection with the author, I find I want to continue reading the blog. My final goal is to be relatable and humorous.

Caution: Road Work Ahead

I know that entering this world of blogging about children’s literature is not going to be without its potholes and bumps in the road. There are going to be hazards that I will have to navigate. On one extreme is that fact that I do not want to post too often. It would be easy for me to post 15 book reviews in 15 separate, long, posts. But I need to work to be concise and discerning in my posting.

On the other end of the extreme, I want to make sure that I take time to revise and edit my posts before they are published. I think it would become very easy to sit and type out a post, then immediately click “publish” and turn off my computer. I am going to work hard to edit and revise each post before it is published.

Let’s End on a Happy Note

Oz and Other Lands is going to be a fun and interesting journey for me. I will be blogging about children’s literature and interacting with others in the Kidlitosphere. This is quite exciting. I enjoy the digital, respectful, debate and conversation that can occur with blogging. I’m excited for that.

I am also looking forward to a semi-“captive” audience for my humor! (Okay, maybe a lack of humor to some of you.) I can be reflective and discerning, yet I am looking forward to Oz and Other Lands being a place that I can be humorous and relatable to some other new blogger out there.

I welcome all of you to my journey through the Kidlitosphere. Join me in Oz, in Cyberspace, and in Children’s Literature, as I embark on a new journey.

The image included is mine.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Kidlitosphere: Reading about reading

  1. I really enjoyed your post, especially your four key points to blogging! I too also love to add pictures. I think it gives the readers a better idea of what we are talking about. I also thought that humor would be a good idea to put in some of the blogs! It makes them more fun to read!


    1. Thank you!
      I think my sense of humor might not be funny to everyone…but it makes me laugh!
      How do you work on the balance between text and pictures in your posts?


      1. If you get any ideas or suggestions on how to make my blog better…or if I ignore my own rules…let me know. I’m still learning about Lit blogging!


  2. And look at this! You linked to something in your post and the author of that post came by to visit your blog! Linking is actually a great way to build traffic to your blog. I like your 4 key points that you’ve discovered about blogging. I agree that the balance between text and image is key. I do need some substantial content in a post, but I am also put off by huge blocks of text. I try to remind myself that white space is my friend when I’m publishing online!


    1. I am afraid that I will struggle with the text to white space ratio in blogging. I tend to get wordy. Do you have any tips for revision before posting to make sure the post looks pleasing?


  3. Thanks for the link to Monster & Boy’s interview for their Monster & ME series, particular Monster Needs Your Vote. phew! Enjoy your kidlit-oshpere journeys. I have yet to find disappointment. That’s why i will return here while on my journey.


    1. You are welcome! I have not actually read any of the Monster & Me books. However, this review is so hilarious, I am going to have to read one (or all)!


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